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Manchester MCN comic and manga Expo
Well last weekend was a new experience for myself. I done furry cons and been to bizaare ball alternative shows, when it comes to fursuiting but never done or been to a manga/comic book convention, so this was a really interesting experience.

I also had the company of Acais_panda (aka thistle) crashing over for a few days, which was spent pretty much chatting shit till the sun comes up, going to dog kennels and lots of bbc iplayer, thank you for coming hunni *elephant sighs*

Well we got to the convention late, since we both overslept. was on the couch, a cool breeze coming through window and the sun peeking through, it was sheer bliss. And arrived and bar losing each other for abit, the three quid extra to cut the queue was a godsend since considering till most of day it was was god damm long.

Unlike furry cons and alternative events, this comic con was veyr family based and was great walking round and having mums showing off there kids to the giant red squirrel, whilst the kids made effort in getting into charecter and costume, and making them smile ^_^ made my day.

although day was tainted bye some twat, as pretty much ten min of getting in suit some creepy wanker in naruto cosplay grabbed me from front and grinded against me, whilst kids were present..FFS and it was in the crowded convention hall. normally guys like him i would have decked and apparently i wasnt the only one he did it too.

Was also great to see many of my loves there. Jester, Cerberus, Loui with a cock, Dorian, ona, rixie, wingedwolf, cai, shannon, procyon, godzuki, kenno, kiffy and also was awesome to meet folks for the first time, Aigus, Brix and Skye and had fun chilling with them guys in evening in car park.

Also the variety of costumes was awesome to see, loved going about and seeing and trying to name different charecters, and walking a yard and wanting photo taking with chobits, walk another yard and end up with diclonius and walk another yard to get kidnapped bye miku hatsune, and also spent twenty minutes being kidnapped bye a tiny Shigo off kim possible.

Bought a tobi plushie, and some reisdent evil mints....T virus commence

a Experience i will be doing again ^_^

For all who saw there, ^_^ thank you

checklist and shit
Just need to do this bloody checklist, to keep tabs on finances and stuff thats happening o_0

Friday after next: Manchester MCN comic book con (£10ish)
Mext week: Arcais possible visit: (£40ish)
Captain america movie (£20)

Late august from 20th-29th will have a dear friend be crashing
HOTEL ROOM BOOKING FOR ALTON TOWERS TRIP (500ish but will be getting 450 back from attendees = fifty quid)


Wingedwolf for a week early septt
Zas centre parks trip mid sept (£150ish)
Expecting a halo husky visit somepoint

Due to complexity ALTON TOWERS TRIP (FFF YEAH ..money variable)

Modern warfare 3 (SEpt-oct)
SPACE MARINE (first week in sept)
Gears of war 3 (sept)



Halloween time Alton towers weekend.2011

Considering my dear fuzzballs, This halloween time, a get together and 2 day excursion to Alton towers theme park in later parts of October. The idea basing on a similar idea to what timduru does for Disneyland in france. Good Get together of furs and spending a weekend of tackling the theme parks big and little rides as they are open into the Evening (9pm)

Dates (change according if needing): If spookfest runs from 15th to 30thoct
22rd/23th will be a saturday and sunday if weekdays are bit hard to get free (although park might be busier) £238 (best available price)

18th/19th will be the tues/weds aftrwards will be quieter if prefer quieter emptier park and hotel booking would be more chancable. Room booking be about £184 (best available price)

Im booking a five bedroom family room,depeending on interest i shall book room Late August/Early Sept
and those interested pay me the split on the day. if more interest i shall see can book more room but will only do so if if definats. not gonna book more rooms for peaple to back out and leave me in shitcreek.

23rd/24th between 5 = £48 per person
18th/19th between 5 = £39 per person
Online 2 day pass, per person: £33 (this prob expected for those interested to do themselves)


So for weekend in theory Grand total
23/24th = £91
18/19th= £72
That for 2 late nights entry into the theme park and one night in the alton towers hotel.hence why with the hotel opening later till 9pm, being themed to spooky ville and running extra haunted houses..the prices may be higher and due to interest alas with hotels.


I can understand with the interest i guaged so far, there be peaple from different ends of country, but will say know some folks like offering lifts, please please if u have someone having a lift, please contribute to petrol, alton towers is out middle o fnowhere so help out and show gratitude ^_^.

This and there are bus services and train services nearbye.

Fursuiting or costuming:
Yes fursuiting, I shall have said wanna attempt it to be uk equivlant of Eurodisney fursuit theme park frolics in france.
(I shall be ringing up alton towers and ringing up to get thoughts and views of mascoting as indeed there are issues and want to be sure its in stone and set)
Since last year going i noticed it was alright to costume up for halloween festivites (but faces were on display and not obscured or poss mistaken for park mascoting)

If not allowed, then cosplay , halloween costume or zombieing up shall be fun to do. If like disneyland then hence hotel room be safe place to leave fursuits and after day on rides and its emptier we fursuit for some epic footage or photos.

I can understand its veyr early days, and will have alot of "see closer to the time". And raher gather interest early, so time is on side and more time to proper plan.

What expect from you:
Not interested: then u can go on your merry way and go look some more porn or shiney things.
Interested: Leave comment, or direct message and will shall add you to list.
"well see closer to the time" ill add you to a list but shall state maybe, so can get back to u later

:Not interested

Well since everyone sodded off to downsouth to kiyos weekend thing, thanks to work i been stuck up here.

As with any thing i cant go to which wanted to i been pretty much A)avoiding buildup of whats happening, B) Avoiding twitter for whats happening an dwiating for the after OMG IT WAS SOO AWESOME.... so social networking sites can suck my nuts.

so on said note been keeping bloody busy, Cleaning the fuck out of everything and cleaned flat top to bottom .

Aced all games, no art inspiration bar a dead my little pony idea and just been dullllll.

Seen transformers which was epic..but other than that, annoying certain peeps online.

Will be mamking plans to try get passport again...i so want to go abroad its freaking irritating. never left this fucking island

Grey area of benefits and Police witness report IN PERSON
Well I lost my tax credits, for the simple reason of being shafted for getting my hours slashed at work which in turn forced me to inform the revenue and customs that im pretty much working less than 30 hours a week, so i would assume i get a little bit more benefit to help with the lack of hours....nope, stopped clean dead. which pissed me right off

The fact its the "grey area" . If your jobless, u get JSA and everything somewhat on a plate, if you work less than 16 hours u get some of the above and get partial benefits in council tax and JSA as long ur looking for full time work, IF u work 30 plus hours, single an dover twenty five years old...u get 200ish a month. But for the average of the uk inbetween 20-30 hours.... u get jack shit

You can understand for those who want work, cant get it, for the jobs that are available the majority that are 30 hours are skilled trades, and any retail stores would be snagged up so quick bye supplyyy drowned out bye demand, so the jobs you get that between 16-30 are gonna be rough living if u have ur own place per say and u are working to live and not living to work. i would ramble on but i guess its just that bitter cycle.

my jobhunt is still carrying on to make up the extra hours, since leaving is a catch 22.

Police witness report:
I had a few weeks back had to give report over the phone about what i saw about the tram death in front of my eyes on the 4th of june.

Well lunchtime today got a call from the officer again and hes stated would he like to come round this evening and get a in depth statement, i was off work today so i had no problems. he came round about half six and well went through the stuff i saw (full details in past two Ljs)

But what got to clarify about this meeting, some questions that have been solved*

1)There was CCTV footage and basically shows, the guy walking thru picadilly gardens, and walked under the underpass and came out the other side running as if trying to catch the tram that just left and he seemed to have stumbled on a low curb, unfortunatley right in front of the tram and five yards in front of me. So accident

2) strangely the incident on the sunday yet died on the thursday...but the cause of death was lack of oxygen to the brain. The human body baffles me as if he had cracked ribs, he would suffocated quite quickly..so that part baffles me.

3) that will be all over now, bar the rare chance ill be asked for a coroners inquest if the tram driver was to fault, but he wasnt as even the officer said was sheer bad luck which ended in a fatality

Other news, new menu at work, and that smegging meeting was preetty much a sample of each of the dishes on the new menu

belgian waffles and ice cream and syrup
and Mascapone n pastttaaaa OH goddd mouth love.

Police, work, meeet and movies
The Police outcome:
Well was due to stay in last thursday for a police witness support officer to come round, (had it done a few times in past , officer would come round and talk for abit and then get details with offering advice to possible councilling) but instead in short he didnt come round in person, instead got the guy rung up and said he been abit busy and informed me that the guy who got knocked down bye the tram died that morning, so again shock kicked in mildly. and they took a statement.

Im back to normal now, mentally and physically, went throught every emotion under the sun and now back to spastic self.

The meet;
Decided to go to the meet and becouse having phenol up north,who dont get to see as often as i like, made effort to get to meet and had a great time without fursuiting for once, but instead got lots of amazing support from friends who was there and myself, ry ry, loui , phenol and tribal, went to clone zone (the gayyy adult shop on canal street...not saying anymore than innocent tribal came out a few shades of white), Then to wasabi where loui has some black balls of the lychee variety which looked like disgusting rabbit pellets. and crazy japenese videos of WTF, especially one involding a pedo bear godzilla freaky man costume, getting slit open to reveal 3 sexy ladys in his belly ....0_0

got wages today hahah how shit the month was averaging three weeks of 15 hours (where in theory i shud been doing more...£350.....and also one weeks CF holiday pay £221.

I given up with the headfuck, despite this week i am doing 30 hours but thats just becouse im jumping on overtime from others who cant do shifts. But im sorting out my tax credits so to be paying abit more if i stay doing up to 16 hours. Im not risking a bumming from revenue and sutome from being fucked about bye shitty job.

Future plans:

Well due to working this weekend, no LF meet

Buttt im debating going to see Green lantern this weekend and delve in some comic book dorkyness (despite im a marvel fan not DC)

Also the new transformers trailer looks pretty sweettttt

The tram aftermath...
Well Its a few days after and just some things to say about the goings on with the incident..

The man who got ran over bye the tram is alive according to the bbc manchester website but is in a critical state and i hope for a recovery, but being honest 70 year old dude vs tram. not being a prick but being realistic and got hunches suicide. but thats my thoghts.

Sunday after the event..i was in a mindset i would want to go back to again, and like taumatic episodes just hoping the nightmares and such dont kick in, im mentally an dphysically fine now, but thats just down to one reason and that reason is you guys....


Deom aunsY MORNING to sunday evening i was bombarded with texts, facebooks, tweets, phone calls from you guys, who A) kept me sane and B) shown this little fucktard of a squirrel is loved so much and i love each and evryone of you back, i may live away from my family but the friends i and bond family i have is incredible.

Once again thank you.

The fuiture
They were apeeling on the BBC website for witnesses and i called up the manchester met
and on thursday i have a witness interview with a officer, Not for my sake but for the victim and the tram driver who had witness the shit and hopefully will help him and his mind in any sence

Also will be at the furmeet this weekend, to see mah loves again cos bye god i need it. Even i will depending on rota sneak ff early mebbeh and go see my brother for his birthday in cheshire, dpeending how shit my wage is


Man crushed bye tram experience (IGNORE IF EASILY OFFENDED)
Ok so last night-this morning approximatley 12:20 in the morning after getting the tram from salfrod quays to Piccadilly gardens after spending few hours with fen and ska and briefly annoying loui and watching the new x men movie with Ari, myself and Ari returned back to manchester piccadilly so i can drop him off for his train home. But our tram couldnt go into station at picadilly station so ended up depoting at piccadilly gardens. So said my goodbye to the squeeky wolf.

This is where it gets graphic, if ur easily offended please skip

I said goodbye to Ari, and he went one way to piccadilly station, i went the opposite direction towards shudehill and so crossed the opposite end of the platform and had to cut across piccadilly gardens to get to my bus station

(for those unsure of manchester geography piccadillys gardens, one of those centre plazas, with huuggeee grassy area, high street shops and a bus terminal and tram station with it being the centre of manchester)

So i left the platform, and walked to ground level, literally about five yards from the platform and saw a tram heading towards the station (literaally distance wise two bus lenghts) so with the speed it was going , i waited bye the tracks for it to pass, so i would cross once its gone. and being midnight in manchester it was full of clubbers and ravers and those coming home from night out. then literally as the tram was say (distance of a lenght of average family car) i looked across the direct opposite the railway track.

Some guy with white shirt and grey hat, literally held his arm out as if tried to hail a cab and ran across with it coming with the tram coming ino my vision and within seconds, it just slammed into him chestwise and for second or two watching this guy fo from being planted to the front, to going under and disapeering and the tram stopping two thee yards further on (im not gonna describe the sounds).

Now within seconds of stopping the tram driver rushed out and looked under the tram, and few more seconds later the paramedics came screeching round corner and i had to leave and went towards my bus station (i know some will go GOO WTF why did u leaveee) Well this where my mind went arse up after i left and felt violenty sick and shaking (assuming shock)

now im no genius this where my mind plays the what ifs, shoul doffs , could offs. but watching a guy go under a tram right in front o fyou, you automatically assume, decapitation or death, hell he could came way perfectly fine after i walked off. but still..was shaken up, now after sleep not as bad, but still min dis WTF.

I spoke to family this morning and gave contact details to local authority upon advice of my father so if they need a witness, i woould be best one they have bar three drunken women in hysterics.

thsnk you nybras for the chat soon got home and wingedwolf <33 to you both

Reason why im writing down something so graphic
:keeps it fresh in my memory
:Will make easier to explain why if seem off
:also talking helps

Thank you for your time

Ok so as i bitched that past two months my hours have gone so slack that i been on average ten hours a week, So with excess time i been horing the C.V posting and phone calling and resulted in a few callbacks but many disapointments and neglect (even after chasing).

SO i come in today and the bullshit reached a new peak and well the reason my hours got cut, was many factors due to my apeerance and attitude. I got pulled aside bye my kitchen manager and stated many complaints that decided i go form 30 hours a week to 10...

1)Long hair: ok my hair aint overly long, but i been told to get a hair cut. This wasnt raised in the few months nor was i asked to a hair net like the mopheaded goth who works with us.
2)Attitude: Carving is hot and sweaty work and i work to company standards (or in the back call it double standards) But apparently got a complaint that i said No to a customer who wanted extra meat. 0_0
3) one of these days i was carving shortly after CF, i was like a zombie and someone complained i looked like a corps

Now they tell me these are the reasons my hours got slashed...a MONTH LATER. and for reasons like these...is WTF

I hope they do sack me for the reasons, taken so much bullshit, and hell endured you guys with the WTF and the Why the fuck im stiilll here. and deserve any shit thrown at me but gooddd so much bitchyness and bullshit it slike a average furmeet.

On other note

Rapture.....no zombies, no earthquakes....its more disappointing than watching Blair witch ;p

Mini confuzzled report and life journal
Yes it is a bit late and have huge report on FA, so therefore a little one here

Every year, so far i love the atmosphere and buzz of the convention feel and it started right from the off, with the lovely lilsi welcoming me in shouting EVVILLLLL, <33 and also slapping ska in the queue and getting away "mildly" ;p with it. I took my fair share of punishment with a fursuit ry ry knee to the balls and a spanked arse from Rayne. As with past conventions, i never sit still even with bitches i know an dspeak reguler i was pretty much wander, chat, wander , chat, wander chat and cource fursuited like a mother fucker. The staff was amazing , the hotel and good times were incredible.

Good memories: in short:
Graafen and skas rockset, till the early hours being a hot sweaty mess of nekkidness
Suiting and horing for photos and video footage.
Getting to suit with tosca briefly *joecifurites for win* and sammy too
Leaving room to find lilsi my neighbour XD and sweetiessss <33 love you

Bad points:
Friday night dance: God that some fucking bass, could feel it two floors up.
Smell of poop on day one, but that quickly dissipated
My back after the rockset...HEADBANGERS NECK

Well you me an dmy love for my job, i go from being overworked to serioulsey underworked (approx ten hours a week)not that i havent been idle, Rung up a few more places and been for one interview, becouse at moment, a jobs a job and even if im back to part time cleaning, ill have benefits to cover my ass. hell would do two part time jobs but i would get taxed to fuckery. otherwise my days been spent CLEANING,!!!

Other than that been looking up some constructive hobbies, so whilst in manchester, i consulted a team about paintballing (since im hypo, and spend far too much time on first person shooters XD), snowboarding (could practice at the snow centre near trafford centre in manchester or strangely actually subscribe to a gym which i been promising myself for yonks.

Future plans:
Ordered bye outkast to attend her to the LF party shungding.
Go see family more.
Go see lovelyies more
Try sort out trip to thorpe park, had kidnapp proposals bye kast, shema and mustan ^_^


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