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Well that Convention is next month, I have room sorted, and recently just got my travel sorted and tickets arrived in the post and besides raven backing out to wanting to room with someone else. All i need to get sorted now is pretty much a costume and prep packed lunch. I got family in liecester which never seen so could use it for reason to visit them for night.
Just looking forward to seeing friends who havent seen in bloody year and will be nice to have a holiday.

Getting interviews just there not biting, or there biting and there telling a few porkies about there hours *cough cough tesco*

Well Sunday was fucking lousy, Opened the morning apoligising to hell cos i was a cunt in retrospect but im not gonna delve as we kissed and made up and just going on as normal but at the time.

Difference of opinions of Furteen stuff and reaching a compromise. But im taking a backseat till After Cf when i actively do start doing stuff.

But yeah what cures it...IMPULSE RETAIL THERAPY. and at post office now got a contract iphone 3s for 20 a month. which will make me more ocntactable cos god i hate I.M and social networking sites.

CRYPTIC TWEET THIS, INSULTING FB STATUS THAT.....Fuck off and go get some sunshine. Jeessuuss

Ending note WTF WEATHER...Last week i was browning nicely and today my nipples could sword dance with antonio banderas


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