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Work and peculiar moment
Well the usual dickfucking continues. first of all, still jobhunting, im still getting interviews but i go to interviews and no one is biting, Went to one interview recently for huge royal bank of scotland central building in manchester. To find out if got second interview they told me to wait till thurs...thurs came...wait till monday..monday came and they withdrawn the posistion, FUCK.

Well the only temporary brightside, is to part time work, i can spend most of the day enjoying this wonderful springtime weather whilst its here, never thought would be sunbathing in late march, but hell fresh cut grass, blue skies, and sunbathing with can of coke reading deadpool and wolverine...bliss.

Ok being a old git and spending a fair years fursuting And being in the fandom with its odd habits and "lifestyle " choices, i try to live the fandom as if it was actually "wasnt" at a furmeet and just at bar with friends (none of YAYY, round round like spaz and innaporiatley touching" im sure most of you know what i mean. As for fursuiters Will always be seen as performers, oh god hell no oculd i see them used for any other purpose. (GOD DAMM YOU XTUBE). Especially my own fursuit, Sentimental as shit as u woul dimagine

Well last weekend i had a ladyfriend stay over the night before she went to see her boyfriend the saturday. And she has severe anxiety disorder and the kind o fpeaple who feel more confident in fursuit, fair enought im the same. Well she wore my suit and collapsed in bed cos she was tired.

(this isnt going where ur thinking it is XD) well im veyr relaxed with my suit as long there safe, and we chatted for a hour about allsorts, Then unbeknownst she rested on my chest and fell asleep in my suit. she didnt wake up till 2am and till then I was cuddling "myself"

My personal theory , is yeah some can see its weird, and i can see why peaple see the the fantasy in it, Was a cute few hours but weird kind of cute.

Me im a loner at heart, and affection to be quite honest i still dont know how to react truly. Cos companionship wise very very rarely be effectionate


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