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Life update and twatbaskets
Good evening mah dears.

Alton towers:
Bar few setbacks was a success ,according to the feedback from those who attended, a few teathing problems but that was to be expected and netherless, much good fun was had, bar the toreential downpour on the weds it didnt dampen any good times.

Well nice knowing, i got some steady hours again averageing 27 a week, so its nice and stable despite social life is very clutching at straws, they seem to get in rota of every saturday i only do four hours cleaning in the morning. so any prspective meetups i can work in afterwards, so a lil less stress of that case.
With it coming up to christmas i will be determined for this third xmas to actually go see my family for either new year or christmas and so will be doing best to compromise with boss lady.

Also, looking set to achieve 2 grand target in three weeks.With the only luxury being modern warfare 3 (IM A GUY WHO LOVES THINGS THAT GO BOOM N SPLAT) and in new year a fullsuit.
Other than that Using CF as a Excuse to keep saving till May.

Reason will be for saving, Im going to attempt passport application again, and once i get mah passport be nice knowing got some cash for a holiday

Also Will be taking up baking mahself soon. and wanna buy a cookbook of two hairy bikers or nigel marvin, Proper slap up british meals.

Fitness is going well, trying keep active through day, Working out and even forgoing guitar and using drums on guitar hero, been good for stress and getting workout.

Right ill be doing seeing folks if i can whenever im off before everyone goes quiet for xmas ;p and also i will be posting off christmas cards for whoever wants one. ^_^


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