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Alton towers, 17 out of 20 Hotel slots now available
Right first things first, the twitter query and ukfur stoof.

Some of you wondered who was in charge of running the trip and quieried on the UKfur post. Ultimatley im in charge as thought this be a great idea and hoping it will go well and trying best to work from ground up for a event if go well could go eveyr year, thrashyiff came and offered some exellent advice on skype and booked rooms and doing the ukfur thread which im grateful for, But im not into arguments, debates or queries. the work was 50/50 . I be more fool not accept help of anyone. becouse in past few journals this is a group thing, Peaple offering lifts, offering cheap tickets, offering nearbye crash space.

I got the fire burning, you all fanned the flames, thank you ^_^

this is my first time, running something this large, i am kinda nervous and excited and advice is always appreciated. Im not arsed about power , ownership or that crap. all i care about is the end result and thats giving you guys a good time. If i work hard, then it shows and you guys can make me happiest man alive at the end of it all..shaking my hand or cuddling and saying "thank you evil i had a nice time"


Ok my lil cherubs, through phone calls from both of us we gathered two things.

Earlier today thrash managed to get four, five person bedrooms. put aside and reserved for us till end of the month,

There is now a paypal specific to the trip, and for a room it shall be £45 per person or 15-20 non refundable deposit to book ur place and pay rest on the day The account is at bottom of the journal , If ur paying, note me, you have paid. and ill add you to the list, I will also take payments in person at meets.

Four, five bedrooms (20 peaple) more rooms can be ordered, dpeending on demand on how quick we fill.

Earlier today i did my own phone calls again on the fursuiting query. and pretty much were allowed tro fursuit in the park, on grounds, were not advertising, and also we dont pose health risks to the rides (like u wanna....too much hassle for lil gain)

so a strong yes. As for proof im expecting a manager call back for verification.

:20 SLOTS OF HOTEL: WHO PAID (17 remaining)

1) Evilsquirrel
2) Thrash
3) Loui

Crossed from FA. for all your support thank you so much <33


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