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Well that Convention is next month, I have room sorted, and recently just got my travel sorted and tickets arrived in the post and besides raven backing out to wanting to room with someone else. All i need to get sorted now is pretty much a costume and prep packed lunch. I got family in liecester which never seen so could use it for reason to visit them for night.
Just looking forward to seeing friends who havent seen in bloody year and will be nice to have a holiday.

Getting interviews just there not biting, or there biting and there telling a few porkies about there hours *cough cough tesco*

Well Sunday was fucking lousy, Opened the morning apoligising to hell cos i was a cunt in retrospect but im not gonna delve as we kissed and made up and just going on as normal but at the time.

Difference of opinions of Furteen stuff and reaching a compromise. But im taking a backseat till After Cf when i actively do start doing stuff.

But yeah what cures it...IMPULSE RETAIL THERAPY. and at post office now got a contract iphone 3s for 20 a month. which will make me more ocntactable cos god i hate I.M and social networking sites.

CRYPTIC TWEET THIS, INSULTING FB STATUS THAT.....Fuck off and go get some sunshine. Jeessuuss

Ending note WTF WEATHER...Last week i was browning nicely and today my nipples could sword dance with antonio banderas

Work and peculiar moment
Well the usual dickfucking continues. first of all, still jobhunting, im still getting interviews but i go to interviews and no one is biting, Went to one interview recently for huge royal bank of scotland central building in manchester. To find out if got second interview they told me to wait till thurs...thurs came...wait till monday..monday came and they withdrawn the posistion, FUCK.

Well the only temporary brightside, is to part time work, i can spend most of the day enjoying this wonderful springtime weather whilst its here, never thought would be sunbathing in late march, but hell fresh cut grass, blue skies, and sunbathing with can of coke reading deadpool and wolverine...bliss.

Ok being a old git and spending a fair years fursuting And being in the fandom with its odd habits and "lifestyle " choices, i try to live the fandom as if it was actually "wasnt" at a furmeet and just at bar with friends (none of YAYY, round round like spaz and innaporiatley touching" im sure most of you know what i mean. As for fursuiters Will always be seen as performers, oh god hell no oculd i see them used for any other purpose. (GOD DAMM YOU XTUBE). Especially my own fursuit, Sentimental as shit as u woul dimagine

Well last weekend i had a ladyfriend stay over the night before she went to see her boyfriend the saturday. And she has severe anxiety disorder and the kind o fpeaple who feel more confident in fursuit, fair enought im the same. Well she wore my suit and collapsed in bed cos she was tired.

(this isnt going where ur thinking it is XD) well im veyr relaxed with my suit as long there safe, and we chatted for a hour about allsorts, Then unbeknownst she rested on my chest and fell asleep in my suit. she didnt wake up till 2am and till then I was cuddling "myself"

My personal theory , is yeah some can see its weird, and i can see why peaple see the the fantasy in it, Was a cute few hours but weird kind of cute.

Me im a loner at heart, and affection to be quite honest i still dont know how to react truly. Cos companionship wise very very rarely be effectionate

7 Topics memme, tagged bye shema lioness
I got tagged bye shemalioness, Basically its a meme where if you comment, i will give you 7 words and in a journal you must write about them said topics and someone will comment on yours and you give them seven words. Therefor being the cycle of memeness.

Family has always been important to me, since growing up my social circle was my family. As a family they helped mould me, into the weird, bouncy man you know today. My family are well to start off with, never really emotional, there guards were always up and it was always tough love. never cry at funerals, be the rock and not the victim. in doing so is why im very strong for my friends but im not one for showing affection in public beyond a hug. My father side are all bikers, love of machines and straight talking, big hairy fat bastards and as for my mother side is more Loose women, Ok magazines and gossiping westlife lovers and like me, my family are all batshit insane.

But i wouldnt change them for the world.

My dad for example ^^

Red, I love red, the colour of passion, intensity and red is so bold, striking and in your face, Red would top as my faveriote colour bar purple and black. The vibrancy and boldness standing out and demanding attention, which will apply to my fursuit, With the bold firetruck red it stands out in photos and film and draws attention. And also ironic my fave anime charecters have red eyes, Madara and shiki, eyes draw my attention i often find the sexiest part of a human body, if someone wore red eye contacts, i would melt.

I love comedy, i love peaple laughing, i love being made to laugh, Cource i would say my friends make me laugh harder than any comedian.My humour is Dark, i love black comedy or polictically incorrect comedy. Wether comedians touch race, sexuality, religion are those topics that can provide vast sauce of comedic humour. As long it is safe. For comedians would be oldschool jasper carrot, petre kay or some of the links peaple send me.

Laugh at yourself is the best laughs..in my case FUCKIN A SCOUSER

Paranormal oh god now theres a subject, back in the day i was so engrossed and interested in the paranormal, Poltergeists, EMPs, OBEs, Aliens , fuckin loved studying it as a teen, Just we never know if there if life after death, mutants underground and other such folklore but its netherless provided wealth to imagination in form of stories and films. As a youth i studied and dabbled, I did ouija boards, Searching for electronic and heat distubances and apparitions as a kid you do this bizaare shit, Most stuff encountered could be explained, Bad lighting, My own uncomfortableness causing "bad vibes" i think i only really stopped when i decided to do ouija in a abandoned corner shop where the owner killed his wife bye pushing her down the stairs and the whole experience was just vomit inducing in terms of unease.
Now ill stick to the books ;p an dloving stories from other peaple.

I love a good sandwhich, back in highschool and you always have your mum or dad give you a packed lunch and was unusually a point of conversation as a kid when you check what sandwhich you had and wether you agree or moan about it.
Worst sandwhich: Growing up i hate paste butteys, Its thin , tasteless and cheap, that princes shit was aweful
Best sandwhich: PRobabley a Good gammon chunk with cheese on top with a little black peppered mayonaise and a mug of tea oh..i would be nursing a semi

I always loved art, Spending my days since was four with tradional media and drawing and inking with biros, pokemon, power rangers and digimon and yugioh. It was a great lunchtime pastime and was one talent that i felt made me stick out in school when others played football. Then digital media and furryness changed my art cource And a 2d sketch of a red squirrel somehow over years managed to create a charecter, but also a little part of myself i would never think imaginable. I love to do art to have fun and hence i mostly use it for a way to give friends gifts or trades. I wouldnt want notoirity in the furry fandom, Its nice being noticed, but not when majority of pubesant ungrateful gits who if you do well at something assume ur a elitist asshole.

School: School is a battlefield and still is today,i was fairly average in my high school, wanting to study and ending up with straight Ds for my GCSEs, rather than going out to clubs at weekend or drinking WKD and getting confidence and socialising skills, i was that dork who would watch CITV, then Play Sonic 2 on megadrive whilst eating beans , burgers and happey faces or alphabets. School was hell as was mostly bullied for being th equiet one and also, experience first love putting me in hospital with three cracked ribs.

The only wish about school is i wish i could go back to find those who bullied me and lAUGH OR Kick the shit out of them, the bullied becomes the bully cycle.

First LJ of year HO SHIT, LF meet March
Well Hot damm, this my first LJ of 2012 and its nearly April, no excuse really either my life been that dull or i been lazy and i think ill go with the latter. Cos hell didnt even write about the Bdays and stuff....Anyway

I was so excited last friday of for the first time in years actually braved coming down south again and to spend the night with the awesome Shema lioness and mustan. You can tell how northern i was when i arrived and i sincerly wanted to punch half the pushing, shoving , rushing and annoying fuckers during which would believe was arrving in london for 6pm friday evening (aka) rush hour. Might well wore a flatcap and had a whippet with me amonst the stressy suitwearers rushing like a see Stressed suited sardines. After paying the stupidly high prices and somehow managing getting my ass to Weybridge.

You wouldnt believe how happy i was was to see the perky little yellow car on pickup after 7 hours travelling and escorted round for FIsh and chips and mustan grabbing vienetta for a nice evening of relaxing with internets and fast food and Ponys.
And waking up to wood pidgeons, gentle rain and Fresh air, the city never felt so far away. Want to thank shema and mustan for your wonderful hospitality and for the tea , fish and sandwhiches <3

BAr shema, mustan, garnet and chase lioness, i wa pretty ninja and didnt declare was comng to the meet becouse it was so worth it for the suprised looks of remus face, Walking up to a zakari who was engaged in his phone and saying "bet you dont remember me"...to have him look up and go YOUUUU, likewise with kyo getting changed and seeing ho wlong it took, which wasnt long XD. so many folks hadnt seen in ages, Saberhagen, snoblisea, a Garnet tackle growl hug XD, meeting Volf in the flesh, Baltomike, Uzu and baehko shouting YORKSHIRE PDDINGS, All in all was awesome, and there were so many more, and some know didnt get chance to poke.
The fursuiting was one cockup and that was getting changed to realise i left my paws at home.....DERP. fortunatley Chase lent me hers and we switched from suiting to filming which was fun.
The meet quietened down cept the guinness table of the pissed which were being loud for the rest of us XD. So when folks started going, we kidnapped a Charlie, Var and ashpup for a Co op blitz and wanted to stay with shema an dmustan longer as they went for there train. Sad face
But thankfully was kept sane bye Charlie and Var as we went for pizza hut, talking about sleep paralysis and paranormal activity an dmodern warfare till i had to get my 23 30 bus.

the ride home was sombre, becouse well the talk about the totteham player who had a heart attack and cource was on the manchester bus full of folks from bolton it was topic of discussion till slept. till got home at 5am ready for work at 7am XD

Life update and twatbaskets
Good evening mah dears.

Alton towers:
Bar few setbacks was a success ,according to the feedback from those who attended, a few teathing problems but that was to be expected and netherless, much good fun was had, bar the toreential downpour on the weds it didnt dampen any good times.

Well nice knowing, i got some steady hours again averageing 27 a week, so its nice and stable despite social life is very clutching at straws, they seem to get in rota of every saturday i only do four hours cleaning in the morning. so any prspective meetups i can work in afterwards, so a lil less stress of that case.
With it coming up to christmas i will be determined for this third xmas to actually go see my family for either new year or christmas and so will be doing best to compromise with boss lady.

Also, looking set to achieve 2 grand target in three weeks.With the only luxury being modern warfare 3 (IM A GUY WHO LOVES THINGS THAT GO BOOM N SPLAT) and in new year a fullsuit.
Other than that Using CF as a Excuse to keep saving till May.

Reason will be for saving, Im going to attempt passport application again, and once i get mah passport be nice knowing got some cash for a holiday

Also Will be taking up baking mahself soon. and wanna buy a cookbook of two hairy bikers or nigel marvin, Proper slap up british meals.

Fitness is going well, trying keep active through day, Working out and even forgoing guitar and using drums on guitar hero, been good for stress and getting workout.

Right ill be doing seeing folks if i can whenever im off before everyone goes quiet for xmas ;p and also i will be posting off christmas cards for whoever wants one. ^_^

Stress,, and shizz
Well this has been an intense weekend and i been near enought breakdown, Not to point where im playing slitty wristys but just tense and stressed to point i been banging my head on the desk. i seem to come through the worst of it. for few reasons.

With the back out of two and finding out Ultraviolet couldnt make it for her own reasons, i was panicing i was going to be 150 down and as i slept almost considered, getting refund for one room and shimmying two peaple to make a six bedroom. but alas woken up with the awesome muzz and plisking getting back and confirming there attendence and also urban coming, taking a load of my mind knowing that got a pretty awesome attendance list of awesome peaple. So the money stress faded.

Now its just the stuff of organising meetups and plans and im going to double check with alton towers tommorow about certain details..

Workwise just nailed two shifts of hell, been incredibley busy with wedding partys but i shunned my workmates for reason is, im a laid back guy, i can have a joke, i can joke at my expense but when someone feels free to take piss out my expense then it just becomes irritating bullying and concerning bullies i dont look at shit once im done with it. this one chavvy guy, who has habit every shift To shit me up byue sneaking up and Shouting real loud. now my vision aint great, i have astygmatism which means my lenses are like rugby balls shapped comapred to oval so preripherial vision is bollocks...he always assumes he shocks me, but most of the time i just look at him like "your a tit you know that". now it getting to point of grating.

But im glad this week now its all early morning cleaning shifts.. and then im off from sunday to sunday. Go alton towers and come back weds night and poss thursday lunchtime if i have empty house...im gonna go see mah family possibley or just go somewhere.

i need downtime. so much. just few more days....fe wmore days.

life an dhumdrum and shizz
Life: Well been the usual rollercoaster of shitcakes and lovebiscuits and since havent updated since the salford and manchester riots, i can say its been a while. The heatwave is ending and alas were are aproaching that wonderful time of christmas and bonfire night and other festivities and shit.

Anyway the past few weeks been just alot to take in. First off Alton towers, Organising anything big is a stress but i give my due to staff at conventions for what stresses they have to go through to organise such huge cons, where this little get together turned into a group of 40....0_0. And in the process of planning learned valuable lessons in financing and also peaple in general when it comes to balancing and avoiding the whole drama stick. "first of all, no i will not give you a loan for your room space, if u havent got the money then you had sheer amount of time to get it...like this been planned since Aug, you maybe a friend but i am not going to wipe your arse". Buisness and friendship such a wonderful set of scales. to balance
In the final two weeks, gonna be stress and final planing bits and bobs. which i swear in the past few months has given its fair share of headaches, but with working my ass off...i hope it will all come to furition and peaple enjoy themselves.

work stress, plus alton towers plus life stresses, its enought to kick ya in the teeth but hell im made of sturner shit than that,

I mentioned in the past, some say its a nice quirk, myself find it bloody annoying which causes its fair share of stresses. But i think i get bummed out im a compulsive saver, this year bar big trips out, mostly treated myself to couple games at most, now if i have to spend money if feels like i have to earn that said item, its just like days off from work, i cant relax cos i feel i have to earn that said dayoff so i clean the flatt top to bottom...just to know theres nothing needs doing and can relax. so now at stage where reached, 1,500 in savings...i would spend...but my mind is like now telling me to reach 2,500 for xmas. 0_0 , wouldnt be so bad but when im on minumum wage and averaging 80-90 hours a month its like....Savesavesave incase all goes to shit. XD

Maybe becouse as a child a treat was a games console for xmas and pretty much with two other siblings and spending since 17 having my own flat and also in the furhouse where got worse wage and was breadlining it....I have no concept of spending money...my box TV is fine...why need a flatscreen . yadda yadda.

I loved the recent hot spell we been having, when been off work been in the park with bottle of oasis flashing my nipples

but in work fuck me, Kitchen with only one door for ventilation surrounded bye steamers , cookers and potwashers giving off steam...was horrible

that time of year again and know there about halfway through the rooms, ill get my room sorted in a month after the alton towers bollocks ;p

im backk
Revival of the LJ....Xp

Manchester and salford riots
Was in work obliviouse, from 2pm today and left my mobile and checked my phone about 8pm, and got missed calls from half my family. For those dont know, my whol efamily live in cheshire and i live in salford, and found out during the shift, about the riots through manchester city centre and worse salford shopping centre about a mile or two away from my flat...got trashed.

Walking home , (i managed to get a bus even thugh they changed route) and the fifteen minute walk home the atmosphere was different, was on edge, The large group of 35 hoodies outside my local pub, and the kids throwing signs into the road at end o fmy drive. any othewr night i would smacked any fucker that starts. but with advantage taken and majority of manchester police force down south. Was quick march.

I would fuck off my job tommorow and go help clean up my city and least be doing something rather than twiddle my thumbs. buyt alas my boss aint so forgiving.

Tommrow will be ringing up my family, to my salford bitches, my manchester hos and to those affected, watcing, enduring or even in the met fucking risking life and limb so we can sleep at night, sleep safe and be safe for me. i would gladly take up a riot shield and defend my city.

Take care x

Alton towers, 17 out of 20 Hotel slots now available
Right first things first, the twitter query and ukfur stoof.

Some of you wondered who was in charge of running the trip and quieried on the UKfur post. Ultimatley im in charge as thought this be a great idea and hoping it will go well and trying best to work from ground up for a event if go well could go eveyr year, thrashyiff came and offered some exellent advice on skype and booked rooms and doing the ukfur thread which im grateful for, But im not into arguments, debates or queries. the work was 50/50 . I be more fool not accept help of anyone. becouse in past few journals this is a group thing, Peaple offering lifts, offering cheap tickets, offering nearbye crash space.

I got the fire burning, you all fanned the flames, thank you ^_^

this is my first time, running something this large, i am kinda nervous and excited and advice is always appreciated. Im not arsed about power , ownership or that crap. all i care about is the end result and thats giving you guys a good time. If i work hard, then it shows and you guys can make me happiest man alive at the end of it all..shaking my hand or cuddling and saying "thank you evil i had a nice time"


Ok my lil cherubs, through phone calls from both of us we gathered two things.

Earlier today thrash managed to get four, five person bedrooms. put aside and reserved for us till end of the month,

There is now a paypal specific to the trip, and for a room it shall be £45 per person or 15-20 non refundable deposit to book ur place and pay rest on the day The account is at bottom of the journal , If ur paying, note me, you have paid. and ill add you to the list, I will also take payments in person at meets.

Four, five bedrooms (20 peaple) more rooms can be ordered, dpeending on demand on how quick we fill.

Earlier today i did my own phone calls again on the fursuiting query. and pretty much were allowed tro fursuit in the park, on grounds, were not advertising, and also we dont pose health risks to the rides (like u wanna....too much hassle for lil gain)

so a strong yes. As for proof im expecting a manager call back for verification.

:20 SLOTS OF HOTEL: WHO PAID (17 remaining)

1) Evilsquirrel
2) Thrash
3) Loui

Crossed from FA. for all your support thank you so much <33


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