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7 Topics memme, tagged bye shema lioness
I got tagged bye shemalioness, Basically its a meme where if you comment, i will give you 7 words and in a journal you must write about them said topics and someone will comment on yours and you give them seven words. Therefor being the cycle of memeness.

Family has always been important to me, since growing up my social circle was my family. As a family they helped mould me, into the weird, bouncy man you know today. My family are well to start off with, never really emotional, there guards were always up and it was always tough love. never cry at funerals, be the rock and not the victim. in doing so is why im very strong for my friends but im not one for showing affection in public beyond a hug. My father side are all bikers, love of machines and straight talking, big hairy fat bastards and as for my mother side is more Loose women, Ok magazines and gossiping westlife lovers and like me, my family are all batshit insane.

But i wouldnt change them for the world.

My dad for example ^^

Red, I love red, the colour of passion, intensity and red is so bold, striking and in your face, Red would top as my faveriote colour bar purple and black. The vibrancy and boldness standing out and demanding attention, which will apply to my fursuit, With the bold firetruck red it stands out in photos and film and draws attention. And also ironic my fave anime charecters have red eyes, Madara and shiki, eyes draw my attention i often find the sexiest part of a human body, if someone wore red eye contacts, i would melt.

I love comedy, i love peaple laughing, i love being made to laugh, Cource i would say my friends make me laugh harder than any comedian.My humour is Dark, i love black comedy or polictically incorrect comedy. Wether comedians touch race, sexuality, religion are those topics that can provide vast sauce of comedic humour. As long it is safe. For comedians would be oldschool jasper carrot, petre kay or some of the links peaple send me.

Laugh at yourself is the best laughs..in my case FUCKIN A SCOUSER

Paranormal oh god now theres a subject, back in the day i was so engrossed and interested in the paranormal, Poltergeists, EMPs, OBEs, Aliens , fuckin loved studying it as a teen, Just we never know if there if life after death, mutants underground and other such folklore but its netherless provided wealth to imagination in form of stories and films. As a youth i studied and dabbled, I did ouija boards, Searching for electronic and heat distubances and apparitions as a kid you do this bizaare shit, Most stuff encountered could be explained, Bad lighting, My own uncomfortableness causing "bad vibes" i think i only really stopped when i decided to do ouija in a abandoned corner shop where the owner killed his wife bye pushing her down the stairs and the whole experience was just vomit inducing in terms of unease.
Now ill stick to the books ;p an dloving stories from other peaple.

I love a good sandwhich, back in highschool and you always have your mum or dad give you a packed lunch and was unusually a point of conversation as a kid when you check what sandwhich you had and wether you agree or moan about it.
Worst sandwhich: Growing up i hate paste butteys, Its thin , tasteless and cheap, that princes shit was aweful
Best sandwhich: PRobabley a Good gammon chunk with cheese on top with a little black peppered mayonaise and a mug of tea oh..i would be nursing a semi

I always loved art, Spending my days since was four with tradional media and drawing and inking with biros, pokemon, power rangers and digimon and yugioh. It was a great lunchtime pastime and was one talent that i felt made me stick out in school when others played football. Then digital media and furryness changed my art cource And a 2d sketch of a red squirrel somehow over years managed to create a charecter, but also a little part of myself i would never think imaginable. I love to do art to have fun and hence i mostly use it for a way to give friends gifts or trades. I wouldnt want notoirity in the furry fandom, Its nice being noticed, but not when majority of pubesant ungrateful gits who if you do well at something assume ur a elitist asshole.

School: School is a battlefield and still is today,i was fairly average in my high school, wanting to study and ending up with straight Ds for my GCSEs, rather than going out to clubs at weekend or drinking WKD and getting confidence and socialising skills, i was that dork who would watch CITV, then Play Sonic 2 on megadrive whilst eating beans , burgers and happey faces or alphabets. School was hell as was mostly bullied for being th equiet one and also, experience first love putting me in hospital with three cracked ribs.

The only wish about school is i wish i could go back to find those who bullied me and lAUGH OR Kick the shit out of them, the bullied becomes the bully cycle.


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