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Stress,, and shizz
Well this has been an intense weekend and i been near enought breakdown, Not to point where im playing slitty wristys but just tense and stressed to point i been banging my head on the desk. i seem to come through the worst of it. for few reasons.

With the back out of two and finding out Ultraviolet couldnt make it for her own reasons, i was panicing i was going to be 150 down and as i slept almost considered, getting refund for one room and shimmying two peaple to make a six bedroom. but alas woken up with the awesome muzz and plisking getting back and confirming there attendence and also urban coming, taking a load of my mind knowing that got a pretty awesome attendance list of awesome peaple. So the money stress faded.

Now its just the stuff of organising meetups and plans and im going to double check with alton towers tommorow about certain details..

Workwise just nailed two shifts of hell, been incredibley busy with wedding partys but i shunned my workmates for reason is, im a laid back guy, i can have a joke, i can joke at my expense but when someone feels free to take piss out my expense then it just becomes irritating bullying and concerning bullies i dont look at shit once im done with it. this one chavvy guy, who has habit every shift To shit me up byue sneaking up and Shouting real loud. now my vision aint great, i have astygmatism which means my lenses are like rugby balls shapped comapred to oval so preripherial vision is bollocks...he always assumes he shocks me, but most of the time i just look at him like "your a tit you know that". now it getting to point of grating.

But im glad this week now its all early morning cleaning shifts.. and then im off from sunday to sunday. Go alton towers and come back weds night and poss thursday lunchtime if i have empty house...im gonna go see mah family possibley or just go somewhere.

i need downtime. so much. just few more days....fe wmore days.


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