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life an dhumdrum and shizz
Life: Well been the usual rollercoaster of shitcakes and lovebiscuits and since havent updated since the salford and manchester riots, i can say its been a while. The heatwave is ending and alas were are aproaching that wonderful time of christmas and bonfire night and other festivities and shit.

Anyway the past few weeks been just alot to take in. First off Alton towers, Organising anything big is a stress but i give my due to staff at conventions for what stresses they have to go through to organise such huge cons, where this little get together turned into a group of 40....0_0. And in the process of planning learned valuable lessons in financing and also peaple in general when it comes to balancing and avoiding the whole drama stick. "first of all, no i will not give you a loan for your room space, if u havent got the money then you had sheer amount of time to get it...like this been planned since Aug, you maybe a friend but i am not going to wipe your arse". Buisness and friendship such a wonderful set of scales. to balance
In the final two weeks, gonna be stress and final planing bits and bobs. which i swear in the past few months has given its fair share of headaches, but with working my ass off...i hope it will all come to furition and peaple enjoy themselves.

work stress, plus alton towers plus life stresses, its enought to kick ya in the teeth but hell im made of sturner shit than that,

I mentioned in the past, some say its a nice quirk, myself find it bloody annoying which causes its fair share of stresses. But i think i get bummed out im a compulsive saver, this year bar big trips out, mostly treated myself to couple games at most, now if i have to spend money if feels like i have to earn that said item, its just like days off from work, i cant relax cos i feel i have to earn that said dayoff so i clean the flatt top to bottom...just to know theres nothing needs doing and can relax. so now at stage where reached, 1,500 in savings...i would spend...but my mind is like now telling me to reach 2,500 for xmas. 0_0 , wouldnt be so bad but when im on minumum wage and averaging 80-90 hours a month its like....Savesavesave incase all goes to shit. XD

Maybe becouse as a child a treat was a games console for xmas and pretty much with two other siblings and spending since 17 having my own flat and also in the furhouse where got worse wage and was breadlining it....I have no concept of spending money...my box TV is fine...why need a flatscreen . yadda yadda.

I loved the recent hot spell we been having, when been off work been in the park with bottle of oasis flashing my nipples

but in work fuck me, Kitchen with only one door for ventilation surrounded bye steamers , cookers and potwashers giving off steam...was horrible

that time of year again and know there about halfway through the rooms, ill get my room sorted in a month after the alton towers bollocks ;p


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